About was born of a shared passion for teaching, learning and technology. By powering an exciting new era in education we hope to empower our four teaching and learning communities – inspiring confidence, social responsibility and connectivity.

A shared vision and mission

Driven by more than a desire to become the leading online provider of educational products, we seek to break down all barriers to teaching and learning by sending it digital.

Whether you’re a primary teacher in the US, a home‐schooler in Australia, a parent in the UK, a secondary school teacher in India, or a university student in Singapore, gives you instant access to high‐quality teaching and learning resources, anytime, anywhere.

You can source and download school lesson plans and classroom software, educational ebooks, textbooks and educational literature direct to your digital device.

A wide range of educational publishers

We remain open-minded in our search for quality digital educational resources that will inspire and enrich our online teaching and learning communities. Our extensive list includes the world’s best publishers and authors, not just the biggest.


How we empower teaching and learning communities

  • Easy to search: Our focus on teaching and learning resources saves you the time and hassle of sifting through irrelevant, non‐education related titles.
  • Immediate access anytime, anywhere: Download and store an entire library of eBooks on your digital device (PC, Mac, laptop, iPad, smartphone, eReader, or electronic whiteboard) for use on-the-go.
  • Choice and quality: Access a wide variety of high quality educational products from top publishers around the world.
  • Freedom and convenience: No long queues at the shops. No shipping costs. No inconvenient delivery times. No bags full of books and discs weighing you down. No limit to how many purchases you can make at one time.
  • Longevity: Products in digital format don’t degrade over time like hard copy books and discs.
  • Environmentally friendly: Going digital makes a key contribution towards reducing our collective environmental impact.
  • Social connectivity and motivation to learn: Feel connected to a growing digital movement. Be part of a global community that shares teaching and learning experiences, interests, skills and a passion for education.

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