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One World Education

In today’s world, education is key. We must make sure our youth are informed and involved with the global and cultural issues that affect them the most. As such, it’s important for them to have the capabilities to put their thoughts and concerns about global issues into writing. By teaching them this, we are showing them the importance of literacy and how to be involved in our fast- paced world. It’s essential that we teach children these techniques and ideas early on. In challenging times like today, it’s more important than ever before to be involved globally.

You can help the leaders of tomorrow today. By supporting One World Education, you can help today’s youth become literate in global and cultural issues that affect us all. And in turn, help the world become a better place.

Re-shaping the world by educating our youth

One World Education is dedicated to helping teachers educate our youth regarding the importance of literacy. It not only helps students learn how to write, but it teaches them how to write about what is important in the world. So far, they have set up the annual One World Writing program, which is open to all students that are in high school and middle school. Out of this program, twelve students are chosen to become One World Student Ambassadors. These ambassadors have their pieces published on the website and included in the One World Curriculum to help other students learn.

The One World Curriculum gives teachers a curriculum that incorporates the core academic subjects, as well as global studies. It is a great tool for educators to use with their students. It will teach them essential skills they need and how to be involved with global issues. One World Education also provides lesson plans, courses, in-school training, and many more resources to be used by teachers. By helping our teachers utilize these invaluable resources and tools, we are giving them what they need to successfully educate our youth in the best way possible.

You can be a part of this indispensable organization and help students learn the skills necessary to make a difference. One World Education is growing fast and it can use any help that you can provide; no help is too small. You can help change the world by changing what we teach our children; in other words, you will be making sure worthwhile content is shared. These programs have already helped a great deal of kids and you can help them continue their progress.

You can help change the world

Your donation doesn’t have to be large in order to make a difference. Every little bit helps. The more support you give, the more you will help these children start a trend of global awareness. Your donation will be fully tax-deductible and it’s simple to do. This tax deduction is small, but useful reward for helping tomorrow’s leaders learn how to use the essential art of literacy for the greater good.

Read more about One World Education and find out how you can make a meaningful change.