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Pinterest is a great place to showcase student artwork, craft projects, and photography. But beyond the obvious uses, there are many more ways to get students “pinterested”. Here are 15 specific ideas for your classroom:

1. Learn about a culture

Have students create pin boards that exhibit different cultures. Students can search the web for pictures that represent each culture, such as their cuisine, customs, religions, and clothing.


2. Learn about a place

Similar to learning about a culture, have students pin images that represent a state or city, for example, that state’s flag, attractions/sights, inventions, sports, animals, and industries.

3. Learn about an era

Have students create boards with images and videos that represent a specific era – covering the music, fashion, technology, films, events, and people of that era.


4. Learn about inventions

Get students to create a board that showcases various inventions, with a description of each invention and who created it.

5. Learn about an animal

Have students create a board that describes an animal through pictures and videos they find online, for example, where owls live, what they eat, and how they interact with one another. Alternatively, have students pin photos and descriptions of different species or breeds of an animal e.g. different dog breeds.

Dog breeds

6. Get to know historical figures and famous people

Have students create boards with images and information about a historical figure – such as a president, scientist, inventor, architect, musician, or artist.

7. Get to know historic events

Much like creating Pinterest boards for historical figures, have students create boards for major events in history.

8. Understand social issues

Have students create boards that raise awareness of specific social issues, such as climate change, food shortages, low literacy, or animal care. Social issue boards, in particular, can be represented well through videos that students find online.

Climate change

9. Understand sports

Have students create boards for different sports – showcasing techniques, players, awards, and events.

10. Shaped like

Help little learners understand shapes by getting them to create boards of items shaped like a square, or circle.

11. Tastes like

Have little learners create boards of things that taste similar e.g. things that taste sweet, and things that taste sour.


12. Favorite career

Have each student add an image to represent the career they want to have when they grow up. The pin description can explain the occupation, and why students want to work in that profession. Younger students could dress up as someone in that profession, and present the career to their classmates.

13. Favorite quotes

Quote boards are popular on Pinterest, and there’s no reason why students can’t get involved. They can search for inspirational quotes online, or repin quotes they find on Pinterest. They could even accompany quotes with an image of the person who said it – linking the image to a website that provides a biography of that person.


14. Share a book

Get students to create a board that showcases their favorite books. Students can include a “book review” in the pin description.

15. Share a moment in time

Have students create a virtual time capsule on a Pinterest board – with music, films, school projects, toys/games, events, stories, and other things that they found memorable that year (or at that moment in time).

Students can interact with one another on Pinterest tasks by collaborating to create boards, and presenting their creations to the rest of the class. For a twist, students could include a few “dummy” pins that don’t meet the criteria for a board (e.g. 1960’s and 1970’s images for a 1950’s era board), and have other student guess the odd ones out.

Please remember that, like Facebook, Pinterest requires account holders to be 13 years or older, so some of the ideas above will require monitoring and supervision.

If you use any of these ideas in your classroom, or have more creative ways to use Pinterest with students, please “share the love” by commenting below.

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