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Our focus on teaching and learning resources saves you the hassle of sifting through irrelevant, non‐education related titles. We’ve also made it easy for you to browse our wide range of quality educational eBooks, software and audiobooks – saving you precious teaching and learning time.

Keyword and menu search

You can search for specific products by:

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  • Entering keywords in the search bars at the top and foot of each page – search for subjects, product titles, authors, publishers and so on; or
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  • Selecting one of the two main teaching and learning communities from the top menu – Primary or Secondary.

Find your teaching and learning community

  • We’ve divided our extensive product range into two teaching and learning communities to help you find the relevant resources:
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  • Primary – A huge range of classroom materials, lesson plans, student worksheets and teaching software for our primary community of teachers, home-schoolers and parents of children aged 1–12 years.
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  • Secondary – We’re enhancing the classroom experience for our secondary community of high school teachers, parents and students by making educational eBooks and classroom materials instantly available.
  • Once you have entered your community section (e.g. Primary), choose a subject from the left-hand menu and then drill‐down even further by selecting from the subcategories (e.g. English > Spelling).

Catalogued for your convenience

We’ve taken the time to catalogue all products so you can find what you’re looking for in an instant.

For example, let’s say you’re a primary school teacher and you’re looking for resources to teach spelling.
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  • Start by clicking on ‘Primary’ in the top menu.
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  • Once the ‘Primary’ page has loaded, select ‘English’ from the subjects in the left‐hand menu.
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  • Once the ‘English’ page has loaded, select ‘Spelling’ from the subjects in the left‐hand menu.
  • No matter how deep you drill down, you will always know which teaching and learning community and subject you are in by looking at the steps shown under the top search bar (known as breadcrumbs). In this particular example, your breadcrumbs will be:

    Home > Primary > English > Spelling


Refining your search with product filtering

  • screen4So, now you’ve found your teaching and learning community and selected the subject area that interests you, you can refine your search even further. Use our filter tool to search based on the criteria that are important to you, such as subject, price range, age range, digital product type, file format and publisher.

    Other helpful tricks and tools

    We’ve developed a whole range of tools and dotted them throughout the site to help you find the right products, such as the ‘Sort By’ function in the product list pages. You can also click on the ‘Site Map’ link at the bottom of each page to find your way around the site.