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What are the benefits of digital educational products?
How do I contact TeachingShop.com?
What is an eBook?
What types of eBook formats are available?

Educational eBooks

What's the difference between the eBook formats on your site? 
What software do I need to read my eBook from TeachingShop.com? 
What devices can I use for TeachingShop.com products?
How can I read your eBooks?
What is DRM?

Educational software

Which digital devices can I use to run your educational software?
How do I use TeachingShop.com software?


How do I redeem a promotional (promo) code?
What payment options are available on TeachingShop.com?
Why do I need to provide billing information for digital products?
Can I return TeachingShop.com products?

Member accounts

Why is a title unavailable for purchase in my country/territory?
How do I create a member account?
What do I do if I’ve forgotten my username or password?
I deleted the download link to my purchase. How can I retrieve the link?
Is there a limit to the number of downloads per product purchased?
Can I view a list of previous purchases?

Product availability and requests

Can I request an education title that is not currently available on TeachingShop.com?

Sharing reviews, articles and videos

How do I submit a product review to TeachingShop.com?
How do I submit a comment, article or video to be featured in your blog?

Publishers and authors

How can I sell products on TeachingShop.com?